Strategic Facilitated Business Retreats and Masterminds

Strategic Facilitated Masterminds and Retreats

What would deep preparation, intense focus in a select group, and a program uniquely designed to support measurable results do for your association, company, career, or health?

In retreats, workshops, and intense facilitated business  mastermind sessions, Eliz leads groups to dig deep, root out excuses, and focus on what needs to be done to reach the next level.

Deep Preparation, Intense Focus, and Measurable Results

    • Examine current success strategically
    • Identify challenges and missed opportunities
    • Clarify needs and gain perspective
    • Create immediately implementable strategies for growth and advancement
    • Achieve measurable results within 90 days

    Eliz's high-level moderation propels groups to focus on reaching the next level and resolve challenges standing in the way of success.

Jessica Pettitt Small Business Owner

It is her secret Jedi trick to make all of us feel stronger, more focused on what is really important, and what we individually have to offer. This laser beam focus on others enables each participant to gain clarity on our next highest priority move. Trust this process and grow."