Stress-Proof Worksite

Data-driven employee wellness programs

“All any manager wants is something tangible to implement. They don’t want namby-pamby notions. They want solutions."
Jill Holder
Senior Manager of Global Customer Service for Colgate Palmolive

How do you increase productivity and decrease absenteeism?

Strategic Employee Wellness and Productivity Speaker Eliz Greene’s compelling, research-based new perspective on stress is an implementable solution to the problem of worksite stress.

Eliz debunks the assumption that work-life balance issues are at the heart of employee stress and provides surprising answers to the 3 questions leaders ask most:

  • What is causing stress in my organization?
  • Why do some people falter under stress while others shrug it off?
  • What can I do to reduce my employees’ job stress?

High-performing teams and employees protect productivity under pressure, during change, and in crisis.

Her years of experience working with high-performers is the basis for implementable strategies to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism and presenteeism.

Need data about what is really causing stress in your organization?

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Eliz’s programs:

  • Diagnose the real issues causing stress in the organization
  • Use data-driven stress reduction strategies
  • Uncover wellness program blind spots.
  • Reveal common workplace stressors and best-practice solutions at the organizational, managerial, and individual levels.

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Why People Love Eliz

“Stunning insights into why work-life balance isn’t working”

Terry Simmons
Gateway Technical College

“Your work was the highlight of the week, and we are in a great place to take action what you found. The leadership team was very interested by your insights on Millenials.”

Katie Yates
Senior Manager, Sprinklr

“Finally! Something tangible to take action on to fight stress in my team.”

Jill Holder
Colgate Palmolive,
Associate Director Consumer Engagement and Relationship Development, North America