Heart Of Wellness

The Heart Of Wellness

Small daily healthy habits to improve wellness and manage stress

Connect simple, achievable daily habits with the motivation to be healthier, and real change becomes possible.

"I went into this thinking how inconvenient it would be to find a few minutes a day to watch these videos. After all, I'm sure most of us have heard these topics before by other wellness programs or even our doctors. However, once I started, I came to appreciate the approach. The calm and relaxing way the topic was relayed, actually helped me process the information better. Reminding me "I Will Because" kept me focused on my purpose. The best part, my blood pressure has improved!"
Renee B
Participant in Municipal Employee Heart of Wellness Group

The Heart of Wellness is a science-based program that anyone—sedentary or fit—can use to improve long-term well being.

The program hosted by Avanoo delivers 30 easy days of inspiring stories, thought-provoking, lessons, down-to-earth activities, and daily intentions to discover your personal healthy lifestyle.

In just 3 minutes a day, here’s what you’ll learn how to do:

  • Spark your own motivations for getting and staying healthy
  • Choose and use simple, research-based health habits
  • Integrate movement, food, sleep, and medical care for optimum wellness
  • Connect with others to create health accountability
  • Give your heart its best chance to thrive

"At the start of watching these videos I thought it was impossible for them to make a difference. I was wrong at the end of these videos just 30 days later I have noticed the difference. I feel better with more energy, and my daughter and I eat more fruits/vegetables in our meals. I have enjoyed this new training in many ways I would have not thought possible."

Angela G.
Individual Participant

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