Inauguration Stress Dangerous For Professional Women

Decide to be Good Enough Now to deal with stress.

This post isn’t about politics. It is about stress.

Women’s stress increases when we are in contact with other people who are stressed.  It seems both sides of the aisle are stressed these days. The non-stop social media postings of overwhelm and doom can spiral into a feeling of despair.  This downward spiral, which I call “awfulizing,” keeps the focus on the negative and stops us from seeing opportunities for improvement.

Regardless of their place on the political spectrum, professional women may find themselves, and their hearts, in danger due to stress around Inauguration Day.  A previous post about election stress, revealed the unprecedented level of turmoil in the 2016 presidential race combined with already high job stress levels were a recipe for disaster.  While the election is over, the turmoil seems to have increased, intensifying stress and increasing the risk of heart disease and heart attack.

So, be kind to your heart and let’s deal with the stress of Inauguration Day.

Avoid going down the rabbit hole of social media:

Facebook algorithms are built to show you more of what you click.  It is easy to be pulled into a spiral of dire predictions and raw emotion. Set a timer, limit your number of clicks, avoid reading comments, or devise some other way to manage your contact with stressful posts and articles.

Quit Awfulizing:

Our country isn’t going to implode on January 20th, nor will all of our problems be magically solved.  It is one day. One ceremony.  Yes, our country is deeply divided.  Yes, we have work to do.  It won’t all happen in one day.  We all need to move forward and do the best we can.

Decide you are “Good Enough Now:”

One of my favorite quotes is from Diversity Expert Jess Pettitt

Doing the best you can with what you have is better than doing nothing.”

Her point revolves around choosing to use your strengths and opportunities now rather than waiting for the right leader, right time, or right frame of mind.  This lesson has been instrumental in my own stress management.  Rather than complaining on Facebook, I’m picking up the phone and getting to know my elected officials (local, state, and national — those I voted for and those I didn’t).  Jess is right, doing something is better than doing nothing.  By recognizing stress and taking an action, it is possible to release some of the tension.

As January 20th comes and goes, keep in mind we are all part of the process.  You Are Good Enough Now. Do something and reduce your stress.

P.S.  Jess’ book Good Enough Now is a fantastic guide to getting over being terrified of messing up and get into action.  Check out the video below and order your copy NOW here:

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