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Stress Management In Chaos And The Busy Season

How do you manage stress in chaos, through change, or during the busy season?

The key could be a cost-benefit analysis.

Often the key to reducing stress is to mitigate stressors by changing the way we feel about them.  In many ways, it is a cost-benefit analysis.  Is the end result worth the chaos?

For the next eight weeks, I’ll be running my very own stress management in chaos experiment.

The chaos is the result of a construction project happening 20 feet from my office door. My office is located in our home, upstairs next to the master bedroom.  Yesterday, an incredible team demolished the master bathroom in preparation for our remodeling project.

In the scheme of all things, eight weeks of noise and people working 20 feet from my office door isn’t a crisis.  It is inconvenient.  However, I can already tell the distraction factor is going to be large.

However, the inconvenience and interruptions are far outweighed by the excitement about the renovation.

The cost of the distraction from marketing and the work to land and prepare for speaking engagements is worth having a functional and beautiful new bathroom.

This cost-benefit analysis is helpful during change and periods of high stress.  For example, in the retail “busy season” long hours and demanding customers are offset by the majority of profit for the year.  For people facing surgery, the promise of improved function and quality of life offsets the uncertainty and pain.

It can be hard, in the moment, to remember the end goal.  Keeping the focus on the benefits lowers the stress of the experience.  Reminders of the importance of the end goal and celebrating the progress towards the goal are great ways to reduce stress.

  • In the case of surgery, writing a letter to yourself with the reasons to have the procedure can be a great reminder on the difficult days.
  • During the busy season, marking off the days and celebrating small victories (such as hitting daily/weekly sales goals) keeps the focus on productivity rather than the daily struggle.
  • Viewing our construction as an adventure rather than an ordeal is important.  Sure, there are cabinet bases in my office and plumbing fixtures in the hallway, but they are beautiful.  It will be fun to see everything come together over the next weeks.

How do you work in chaos?  What do you do to keep the focus on the benefits of the end goal?

Thanks to the great people at Paul Davis for their friendly, clean, and professional work. 

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