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How many emails does it take to get one donation?

The pace of change in online marketing, advocacy, and fundraising is taxing.  Non-profits and associations are finding it harder and harder to have their messages heard.

According to a new study from M+R Benchmarks it takes 2000 emails to land one donation.  For every 1000 emails, non-profits receive $36.

Does that mean you should stop sending emails?

Probably not.  Email is still an essential part of reaching members and donors, but lists must be nurtured and email efforts must be combined with other digital marketing efforts. Here are some key insights from the report:

  • 26% of online revenue came through email solicitation even while open rates fell.
  • Larger email lists are important, as is the number of emails sent.
  • Traffic to website grew in 2016. A user-friendly website is essential.
  • Social media audiences grew, including a 101% growth in Instagram.
  • Investing in digital ad spending is up and may be the key to conversion

Read the full report and use M+R Benchmarks cool tool to benchmark your digital marketing efforts here: http://mrbenchmarks.com/


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