Take on the Trouble With Busy

Stress Management Speaker Eliz Greene shatters the myth of work-life balance with ground breaking research ...

and a Killer Keynote!

Rock star presentation! ”
Shawna Suckow, CMP Senior Planner Industry Network SPINCon

  • Eliz's emperical data on job stress uncovered surprising insights to protect productivity, creativity, advancement, and business growth.
  • Real world solutions in programs designed to retain high performers in business and equip them to take on THE TROUBLE WITH BUSY

The Trouble With Busy: Shattering The Myth of Work-Life Balance

Built with humorous and engaging stories, this high-energy and high-content program explores the challenges of busy and provides real-world, immediately implementable strategies to reduce stress, improve focus , and get more of what is important done.

The Trouble With Busy reveals:

Original research exploring how men and women manage job stress differently (part of Eliz’s book to be published in 2018)

Surprising insight into high stress work environments .

Participants will:

  • Utilize a copyrighted assessment tool to explore the unique stress environment faced by the audience.
  • Uncover the elements of their personal stress environment.
  • Differentiate between busy and productive through interactive activities
  • Practice stress recovery skills* — including laughter !

*Warning: There may be dancing.

Productivity Problem Solver

Eliz is a problem solver and gives her audiences easy, small wins to take steps to move toward dealing with challenging situations. It seems silly, but a momentary celebration can really lower the stress level of the whole team and ends up making us more productive."

Jill Holder Colgate Palmolive, Associate Director Consumer Engagement and Relationship Development, North America

Entertaining, Informative, and FUN

Eliz is entertaining, informative, and fun. Most importantly, her program is full of practical information that made me think.

Kelly Noyes Association of Women Lawyers

Dynamic Connection

Eliz is a dynamic presenter and truly connects with her audience. Her energy was contagious and the presentation was the perfect start to our final conference day. Eliz breaks down strategies for living a healthier lifestyle and helps participants find manageable ways to integrate small steps for big results!

Susan Turgeson, Ed.D., CFCS Association of Family and Consumer Sciences