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Innovative Conference Live Stream To Increase Live Attendance and Revenue

Innovative event professionals are leveraging a cutting-edge implementation of conference, convention, or congress Live Stream strategically structured to increase live attendance and create a revenue center by:

  • Creating a highly engaged virtual audience through a talk show format hosted by high-energy emcees
  • Developing unique content for the virtual attendees
  • Interviewing main stage and concurrent presenters to deepen learning and ROI
  • Providing real time communication between the virtual attendees, hosts, and interviewees
  • Building marketable on-demand content which create evergreen income streams
  • Extending the reach of the event internationally
  • Proving the value of live attendance by exhibiting business growth opportunities in hallway conversations
  • Highlighting benefits of membership
  • Increase the accessibility of your live event by allowing attendees with disabilities to choose which programs to attend physically and which to view in the comfort of their hotel room.

Case Study: National Speakers Association Convention

In both 2014 and 2015 I had the pleasure of hosting the NSA Convention live stream broadcast. The broadcast was strategically designed with the following goals:

  • Create a conference with in a conference by fully engaging those attending virtually.
  • Encourage attendance the following year.
  • Develop marketable on-demand content.

Virtual Attendee Demographics:

The virtual attendees fell into the following groups:

  • Members of international speakers associations
  • NSA members who could not attend due to travel schedules
  • NSA members who were unsure of the ROI of live attendance
  • Speakers considering NSA membership

virtual event emcee Eliz GreeneGoal #1: Create a conference with in a conference by fully engaging those attending virtually.

My co-host Thom Singer and I created a high energy talk show to bridge the gap between our live and virtual audience.  Between the broadcast of each main stage session and concurrent session, Thom and I interview presenters, attendees, and NSA leadership.  We also selected roving reporters from the membership who could bring the hallway to the virtual audience.  Through the Digitell, Inc live stream interface, virtual attendees could comment and ask questions in real time.  Many virtual attendees got up early and stayed with us all day to participate in events as they happened. Rich and informative dialogue amongst the virtual attendees was also fostered through the interface.

Virtual Attendee Comments:

I was fortunate enough to spend the past four days on the 2015 National Speakers Association National Convention Live Stream with Eliz as one of the hosts. She spent hours and hours and hours engaging with the Live Stream viewers and, with Thom Singer, CSP, brought us wonderful just-for-us interviews to make sure that we felt like we were there! An added treat was her session about how speakers can improve their website. Eliz is funny, smart and engaging. You need her!”

Kate Holgate, Professional Speaker Manager

“They both did a great job!!! I got sick and had to cancel my attendance so as not to get others sick (and to not spend the entire time in a hotel room.) I participated in the livestream and was very grateful. Eliz and Thom made my FOMO easier to bear. Thank you!!!!”

Pamela Jett, NSA Member/Professional Speaker

Goal #2: Encourage attendance the following year

By highlighting hallway conversations, business growth opportunities, and the pure excitement of the live event, Thom and I made attending next year’s event in person a must-do for many virtual attendees. After live streaming 2014’s convention, NSA saw a significant uptick in live event attendance in 2015. In addition, several 2015 virtual attendees committed to attending 2016 events in person, some making plans to share rooms.


It was a MAJOR benefit for members and nonmembers who couldn’t travel and they both went WAY BEYOND to deliver value. I’m sure will get new members because of this. One of the best examples of “how to” for live streaming I’ve ever seen! Huge Kuddos to Eliz Greene & Thom Singer!!!”

Sarah Michel, NSA Member/Professional Speaker

Goal #3: Develop marketable on-demand content.

Many members who attended in person, also purchased the on-demand recordings of the live stream event. All of the main stage presentations and selected concurrent sessions were archived for viewing within the Digitell interface.  In addition, the Live Stream Talk Show interviews were also archived.  In person attendees have rejoiced in having access to exclusive content which was created for the virtual attendees.

Comments from member who attended in person and purchased the live stream recordings.:

Kudos to Eliz Greene and Thom Singer on how fun the live stream is to watch. It really is the next best thing to being there. When you interview people I know it makes me laugh every time. (I mean in a good way). It’s like when our colleagues are on TV and kill it. Watching people fly by behind you is fun to watch too. I’ve given up Netflix until I get through the whole convention series. Well done.

Laurie Guest, NSA Member/Professional Speaker

The most important piece of a successful convention live stream is to work with a production company committed to flawless execution both on the technical side and in achieving your organizational goals.  You can’t beat the technical experience of Digitell, Inc, and they are an amazing group of people.  Their enthusiasm and professionalism is unbeatable.

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Virtual and Hybrid Event Emcee Eliz Greene’s quick wit and on the fly interview style bridges the gap between live and virtual participants. Turn your conference into a talk show with expert panel facilitation, engaging keynote presentations, and energetic Master Of Ceremony services.


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