High Performance Under Pressure

Become Stress-Proof and Overcome
Overwhelm and Uncertainty

Don't stress - don't cancel your event!
Eliz has six years of experience as a virtual presenter and emcee.

Ground Breaking Research on Job Stress and Leadership

Immediately implementable solutions to lead, perform, and feel better. High content wrapped in humor, memorable stories, engaging activities, and motivation to go home and do something different.
Eliz Greene Leadership Keynote Speaker

Stress-Proof Leadership

Becoming immune to unavoidable stress is a competitive edge that allows Stress-Proof leaders to propel themselves and their teams to perform under pressure rather than being bogged down by it.

Stress-Proof Teams

Some of the most common organizationally controlled stressors result from a misunderstanding about gender and generational stress trigger differences and needs for security.

Stress-Proof Heart

Our bodies’ natural reaction to stress is what gives us a boost to get the job done, but too much stress decreases brain function, critical thinking and can cause problems for the heart.

Meet Eliz Greene

Eliz survived a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins.

She is now on a mission to equip leaders to work well under stress and protect their health.

“I’d recommend Eliz in a heart beat!”

Katie Yates
Senior Manager, Sprinklr

“We loved the human pie charts!”

Sandy Anderson
President, Howard Young Health Care

“Activities so engaging, even the AV crew participated!”

J. Pettitt
Small Business Owner

“Eliz is better than caffeine – we used her tips to stay engaged all day. What a great way to breathe life into the event!”

Jennifer Dickie

“Finally! Something tangible to take action on to fight stress in my team.”

Jill Holder
Colgate Palmolive,
Associate Director Consumer Engagement and Relationship Development, North America

“Simply put – She’s energizing.”

Jackie Morris
Corporate Sales Manager, Royal Caribbean International


Gwen Schnitzler
Human Resources Director, Forward Financial

“Rock star presentation!!”

Shawna Suckow, CMP
Senior Planner Industry Network SPINCon

“People stayed just to hear the closing keynote.”

Zina Haworth
Women In Higher Education Leadership

Stress-Proof Your Heart

The new book by Eliz Greene

Stress-Proof Your Heart is the culmination of Eliz’s two-decade career as a heart health advocate, speaker, and author.  It also includes insights from her study on job stress.

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Learn to lead through stress rather than being bogged down by it.
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