How Do Your People Perform Under Pressure?

Show Them How to Become Stress-Proof and Overcome Overwhelm and Uncertainty

Need to decrease stress and increase performance - for yourself or your team? Download the Executive Summary of Eliz’s new book.
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Ground Breaking Research on Job Stress and Leadership

Immediately implementable solutions to lead, perform, and feel better. High-level content wrapped in humor, memorable stories, engaging activities, and motivation to go home and do something different.


Eliz presents at conferences, conventions, and individual companies with poignant, insightful messages on stress management and how it impacts daily life at work and at home - and how it leads to better leadership.


With grace, humor, and touching messages, Eliz emcees face-to-face, hybrid, and virtual events, ranging from company-wide seminars and awards to conventions and expositions.


Eliz writes about building good habits and learning stress management techniques in order to become a better leader and person. Her explanations of stress and how it impacts our lives connect with readers from all walks of life.

Meet Eliz

Eliz Greene believes small changes make a big difference. As an author, blogger, professional speaker, emcee, and most poinantly a mother, she knows the impact of stress on quality of life and performance. Through her research, innate understanding of stress, and real-life experiences, she connects with audiences and readers with implementable solutions to overwhelm, uncertainty, and stress. Thousands of people have learned to manage their stress, prevent a tragic health events, and enjoy a more purposful life.

Stress is Eliz’s favorite topic – and it is personal. Her journey started two decades ago when she had a heart attack while she was 7 months pregnant with twins. She knows stress management isn’t a nice-to-have soft skill. It is an essential HARD skill.

“I’d recommend Eliz in a heart beat!”

Katie Yates
Senior Manager, Sprinklr

“We loved the human pie charts!”

Sandy Anderson
President, Howard Young Health Care

“Activities so engaging, even the AV crew participated!”

J. Pettitt
Small Business Owner

“Eliz is better than caffeine – we used her tips to stay engaged all day. What a great way to breathe life into the event!”

Jennifer Dickie

“Finally! Something tangible to take action on to fight stress in my team.”

Jill Holder
Colgate Palmolive,
Associate Director Consumer Engagement and Relationship Development, North America

“Simply put – She’s energizing.”

Jackie Morris
Corporate Sales Manager, Royal Caribbean International


Gwen Schnitzler
Human Resources Director, Forward Financial

“Rock star presentation!!”

Shawna Suckow, CMP
Senior Planner Industry Network SPINCon

“People stayed just to hear the closing keynote.”

Zina Haworth
Women In Higher Education Leadership

Conference Talk Show

Nearly a decade ago Thom Singer and Eliz Greene began emceeing live-streamed and face-to-face conferences. Now they demonstrate their highly engaging talk show style to provide weekly online interviews about the meetings industry. Join them Mondays at 11 am CT or let them turn your next event into a television-style production focused on value-centered engagement!

Stress-Proof Your Life

The new book by Eliz Greene

Stress-Proof Your Life, the new book from Eliz Greene, reveals the secret to reducing your stress so you can work and live well in the face of unavoidable overwhelm and uncertainty. With implementable, sensible solutions, her advice stems from a data-driven approach (including a 4,000-person study) to provide real, effective stress management techniques that actually work.

In the book, exercises lead readers through a process to quantify their stress levels and learn how to offset and recover from the physical and psychological imact of that stress. The leadership insights in the book break down important differences between genders, generations, and environments.

Pick it up today to find out how to manage your stress so you can feel and perform better — and get more of the important things done.

Book Eliz

Learn to lead through stress rather than being bogged down by it.
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