An innovative conference user experience strategy to:

Bridge the gap between live and virtual attendees with high energy "talk show" style banter and interviews.

Promote live attendance, increase revenue, exceed goals, and cement learning.

Increase revenue, exceed goals, and cement learning.

Conference Talk Show Co-hosts Eliz Greene and Thom Singer are more than just virtual and live event emcees. They create professionally produced, high-energy, television quality content and engagement.

Professional Production Starts Long Before The Event

Engagement Promotes Attendance, Membership, and Sponsorship

While engaging the live audience, Eliz and Thom act as the eyes, ears, and voice of the virtual audience. Harness their quick wit and careful preparation to:

  • Create fun, collaborative conversation that provides high quality content.
  • Call back to key takeaway messages, cement learning, and encourage measurement of results.
  • Create evergreen content by archiving recorded content and rebroadcasting with live interaction.
  • Provide a ‘Virtual Exhibit Hall’ to highlight sponsors through interviews or pre-produced content.
  • “Peace of Mind” Backup Speaker in the event other speakers are delayed or cancel

Meet Eliz

Following a career as a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Eliz’s comfort on the stage serves her well as a professional speaker. Her natural charisma and work as a spokesperson, and in hundreds of media interviews make her uniquely experienced to put interview guests at ease and be quick on her feet to engage virtual, live and hybrid audiences.

Eliz is funny, smart, and engaging. You need her!
National Speakers Association Member and Virtual Attendee

Meet Thom

Thom Singer, CSP is an engagement and networking expert with an eclectic background in sales, marketing and business development roles for Fortune 500 Companies, Law Firms, and entrepreneurial ventures. The host of the popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast, Thom’s charm puts guests at ease.

Thom is masterful when it comes to engaging an audience. You need him!
National Speakers Association Member and Virtual Attendee
They both did a great job!!! I got sick and had to cancel my attendance so as not to get others sick (and to not spend the entire time in a hotel room.) I participated in the livestream and was very grateful. Eliz and Thom made my FOMO easier to bear. Thank you!!!!
Pamela Jett
Virtual Attendee
Kudos to you guys on how fun the live stream is to watch. It really is the next best thing to being there. When you interview people I know it makes me laugh every time. (I mean in a good way). Watching people fly by behind you is fun to watch too. I’ve given up Netflix until I get through your whole series. Well done.
Laurie Guest
Live Attendee who bought Live Stream