Corporate Culture Consulting

Building organizations strong enough to weather crisis and change

Corporate culture is the reflection of how well the organization deals with overwhelm and uncertainty.

Becoming immune to unavoidable stress is a

competitive edge

allowing organizations to propel their people to perform under pressure rather than being bogged down by it.

Is your organizational culture strong enough to stand up to

unrelenting stress?

Stress-Proof Organizations solve problems so their people can do their best work.

Stress-proofing develops immunity to unrelenting, unavoidable stress.

Eliz Greene’s Stress-Proof Solutions are the key to High Performance Under Pressure​

Eliz Greene has received volumes of unvarnished truth from employees all over the world as part of her research on job stress.

She surveyed more than 4000 people and interviewed more than 100 leaders and employees in a variety of industries to discover the truth about job stress, retention, productivity, and recruitment.

Working with a wide range of organizations from NASA to Forward Financial to Colgate Palmolive… and smaller organizations as well, she’s seen how high performance, purpose-driven organizations create cultures immune to overwhelm and uncertainty.

She’s seen what works…

and what doesn’t.


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“Eliz’s insights were spot on.”
Brenda Broberg
Director, H&B NA Brokerage & Advisory,
Willis Towers Watson

Solutions & Insights:

  • Confidential assessments to uncover hidden causes of stress and institutional blindspots.
  • Analysis of the impact of stress on culture, engagement, purpose-driven benefits, and risk management.
  • Data-driven recommendations to improve morale, productivity, innovation, recruitment, and retention.
  • Recovery, security, and growth-focused wellness programs.