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A message for the Go Red Anchorage Team:

Eliz has presented at numerous Go Red events (see a partial list below) to provide implementable strategies to reduce stress and protect the heart  AND the motivation to give generously

Eliz is skilled at making the Open Your Heart ask and events often use her book as the incentive give-away for donating.

A passion for Go Red!

Heart attack survivor and professional speaker has been working with the American Heart Association for two decades (before Go Red started!).  In 2010 she received AHA’s Heart Hero Award.

Eliz in action:

An engaging heart health keynote based on Eliz's new book!

We can’t get rid of all stress, and we wouldn’t want to even if we could.

Our bodies’ natural reaction to stress is what gives us a boost to get the job done, but too much stress decreases brain function, critical thinking and can cause problems for the heart.

Stress-Proof Your Heart is the culmination of Eliz’s two-decade career as a heart health advocate, speaker, and author.  It also includes insights from her study on job stress.

Participants walk away with implementable strategies to live longer, feel better, and protect their health.

… and they will have fun too!

Full recording of Go Red Twin Cities program

Down-to-earth heart health strategies plus a little dancing!

Eliz Greene is ridiculously excited about stress.

She not only finds the chemical reaction in the body caused by stress fascinating, but stress is also her favorite topic to speak about, write about, or discuss in line at the grocery store.

“I'd recommend Eliz in a heart beat”
Katie Yates
Senior Manager, Sprinkler

With a surgically repaired heart, Eliz also knows stress management isn’t a ‘nice-to-have,’ but rather an essential survival skill. Surviving a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins propelled Eliz on a mission to share her story to inspire other busy people to pay attention to their health.

Her heart health programs are filled with warm, funny personal stories, implementable strategies, and fun activities.

She understand information rarely changes behavior and designs her program to connect the strategies to the motivation to go home and do something different.

TNT profile of Eliz

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Eliz loves Go Red.

Here’s a partial list of her past Go Red clients:
  • Go Red Albany, NY(currently rescheduled for 11/1/20)
  • Go Red Louisville, KY (twice)
  • Go Red Milwaukee, WI
  • Go Red Twin Cities, MN
  • Go Red Wichita, KS
  • Go Red Baltimore, MD
  • Go Red Cincinnati, OH
  • Go Red Western Massachusetts
  • Go Red Fresno, CA
  • Go Red Brainerd, MN
  • Go Red Indianapolis, IN
  • Go Red Fort Wayne, IN
  • Go Red Green Bay, WI
  • Go Red Rockford, IL
  • Go Red St. Cloud, MN
  • Go Red Plattsburg, NY
  • Go Red Kern County, CA
  • Go Red Grand Rapids, MI
  • Go Red Chattanooga, TN
  • Go Red Saginaw, MI