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Eliz’s programs uncover the hidden causes of stress and provide customized strategies to become immune to the impact of overwhelm and uncertainty.

Eliz engages your audience with humor, personal stories, interactive exercises, original research on job stress, and case studies from a variety of industries.

Her fresh perspective on stress and productivity shatters the myth of work-life balance and goes beyond one-size-fits-all stress management strategies.

Wrap up your event with a strong, memorable call-to-action as seamlessly weaves your goals and themes. (Of course Eliz is happy to kick off your event with an action-oriented mindset too!)

Drive home your message and make all of your presenters look like rockstars by asking Eliz to emcee your event or turn your panel into a talk show.

“It’s been months and our team is still talking about Eliz’s program on stress!”
Gary Rifkin
Chief Learning Officer, CoreClarity, Inc.
Very useful and highly applicable content
Daniel Himpson
Head of Asia-Pacific, Global Markets, LexMundi

Eliz draws on her experience working with high performers and original research exploring how leaders can propel their own success by creating a team which works through stress rather than being bogged down by it.

Using a copyrighted assessment tool, Eliz diagnosis the real cause of stress customizes programs to solve the right problem. Her laser focus on priority, warm and funny stories, and immediately implementable strategies inspire participants to reach new heights while protecting productive time, personal relationships, and wellness.

Whether she is kicking off a sales conference or closing a leadership development event, Eliz’s high-energy and high-content programs combine humor, stories, original research… and even a little dancing.

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Most popular topics include:

Coping with Uncertainty

Under stress, our brains depend on instinct rather than rational thought because the part of the brain responsible for critical thinking is busy dealing with the psychological reaction to stress. This reaction not only impedes our ability to get things done, but it can also create a paralyzing loop of anxiety…

Leadership and stress management in crisis and change keynote

Leadership and Stress Management in Crisis and Change

Performing well under the pressure of crisis, change, or chronic high-stress environments is a critical skill for today’s HR professionals, managers, executives, and business owners. We cannot eliminate all stress from the workplace, nor should we try…

Stress-Proof Your Team

The contagious nature of stress is hardwired. High performing teams make success contagious too. Becoming immune to unavoidable stress is a competitive edge that allows Stress-Proof teams to perform under the pressure of change, crisis, and high-stress professions…

Eliz Greene Leadership Keynote Speaker

Stress-Proof Leadership

Reduce stress. Enhance performance and productivity. Stress management is a HARD SKILL essential to success. Stress-Proof Leaders leverage this critical skill to propel their own performance and team performance by…

Stress-Proof Your Heart

We can’t get rid of all stress, and we wouldn’t want to even if we could. Our bodies’ natural reaction to stress is what gives us a boost to get the job done, but too much stress decreases brain function, critical thinking and can cause problems for the heart…

Resilience is a Choice

Based on more than 100 interviews with leaders and team members, Eliz shares insights to weather the stress of crisis and change. Highly capable people are often unequipped to deal with the stress of an unsolvable situation. For them, the stress of dealing with vulnerability amplifies the stress…

As a top female keynote speaker, Eliz has delivered her humorous stories and powerful insights about stress, balance and productivity to a wide range of organizations:






Public & Government Agencies

Sales Organizations

Technical & Software Systems

Women's Group

Why People Love Eliz's Keynotes

“Eliz is better than caffeine – we used her tips to stay engaged all day. What a great way to breathe life into the event!”

Jennifer Dickie

“Eliz is entertaining, informative, and fun. Most importantly, her program is full of practical information that made me think.”

Kelly Noyes
Shareholder at von Briesen & Roper, s.c.

“People stayed just to hear the closing keynote.”

Zina Haworth
Women In Higher Education Leadership

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