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Bridge the gap between virtual and live experiences

Eliz provided an intelligent and thoughtful look at how stress is perceived in the work place. She revealed interesting trends and a thoughtful analysis. I loved how Eliz engaged the virtual audience with polling and activities. I received multiple emails and positive comments regarding her webinar and I look forward to working with her again.
Annette H. Maynard, BSN RN COHN-S
Agency Health Promotion and Wellness Specialist Contractor, NASA

Eliz bridges the gap between virtual and live experiences with engaging content and an energetic style.

A virtual, or hybrid of virtual and live, program allows organizations to reach employees or members in multiple locations and shifts.

Eliz provides virtual programs through Geniecast or can customize a program for your platform.

Eliz honed her virtual engagement skills as a Virtual Event Emcee for Livestream and simulcast conferences and events.

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