What's your Woo Hoo?

Join Eliz Greene to Woo Hoo
Let's reduce stress by shifting the focus from looking for problems to solve to noticing the good stuff using a simple strategy called, WOO HOO!

Our brains constantly look for trouble – that’s how we survive and succeed. However, focusing on what isn’t going according to plan leaves little room to celebrate what IS successful.

Intentionally shifting the focus to celebrating victories – no matter how small – lifts the spirits and signals your body to let go of some of that stress hormone cortisol.

Whether you post #WooHooWednesday on social media, share your victory in a comment below, or share it with someone in-person, by text, on the phone, or in an email – your Woo Hoo invites others to share their own.

Is your stress too high? Find out here.

The Woo Hoo is just one of Eliz’s stress reduction strategies based on her latest book, Stress-Proof Your Life

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