Eliz Greene is the author of several insightful books that offer real solutions to a difficult problem: How to keep stress from sucking the joy out of life, impacting your health, and tanking your performance. She believes stress management isn’t about soft skills and time managment and her books provide implementable skills and tools based on research, real-life experience, and science.

Her latest book, Stress-Proof Your Life doesn’t have the tired tips that you’ve seen everywhere but instead encourages you to quantify your stress and then take real steps to live and work well in the face of unavoidable overwhelm and uncertainty. The book has been described as a self-led workshop and offers a system to live with low stress and great success.

Her other books focus on real-world solutions to improve heart health. Stress-Proof Your Heart is a close-up look at the impact of stress on our hearts and health. With a focus on stress found at work, Eliz details strategies to combat the types of stress that directly impact heart health. The Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Heart addresses women’s unique heart health challenges and provides encouragement and tools to live longer, feel better, and stress less. Both books help readers restructure their lives and move forward with their own health at the forefront.