The phone rings - stress happens.

3 steps to deal with stress caused by other people

What do you do when a phone call from an upset client, your college-aged offspring, or a stressed-out friend causes your stress to increase?  Mimicking other people’s stress is part of how our brains create empathy, which is why it can feel awful to have someone dump their stress all over you.

This program, created specifically for high-performance teams in high-pressure occupations as part of Eliz Greene’s work with hotel managers, call centers, and relocation professionals, reveals how to protect yourself from stress dumping with steps to:

  • Recognize the signs of stress dumping.
  • Frame the interaction to decrease the stress impact.
  • Wipe off the stress rather than passing it along.
"I was skeptical, but these tools work in a bizarre range of workplace and life stressors."
High Tech Engineer

45-70 Minute Keynote or 1/2 Day Workshop

This keynote can be combined with other programs or a full day seminar.

Perfect for:

  • Call Center Training
  • Customer Service Event Keynote
  • Opening Keynote
  • Conference Closing Speaker
  • Front Line Workers Training
  • Employee Kickoff Event Speaker

Interactive participation may include:

  • Human pie charts
  • Post-it exercise
  • Stress reduction style quiz
  • Dancing if appropriate

Wellness expert Eliz Greene delivers surprising insights and innovative, actionable strategies based on her research on job stress in this interactive, fun, and compelling keynote.

This presentation is customized through the Stress Proof Testing Tool which diagnoses the unique set of issues causing stress in the participants’ workplaces and benchmarks the results with other organizations in the study.  

Through stories from a wide variety of leaders and employees interviewed during her study and her own experience surviving a heart attack while seven-months pregnant with twins, Eliz debunks work-life balance and provides a plan to protect your health, productivity, and sanity under stress.

Whether she is kicking off a sales conference or closing a leadership development event, Eliz’s high-energy and high-content programs combine humor, stories, original research… and even a little dancing.

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The Border Collie Iguana exercise was an…

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