Why does the stress of change bog down some organizations while others are agile and successful in the same environment?

Working with a wide range of organizations from NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems Program at Kennedy Space Center, CVS HR One, engineering firms, meeting professionals, HR professionals, and other highly-stress people working in high-pressure environments Eliz sees how high-performance, purpose-driven organizations create cultures immune to overwhelm and uncertainty. 

The key to high performance is a culture where people feel seen, valued, and connected to the organization’s mission. Through her work with the Accountability Institute, a leadership and workplace culture think tank, Eliz guides organizations to design and sustain environments where everyone wants to be their best.

Workplace culture impacts employee retention, productivity, and profitability. Workplace culture is either designed to support and inspire people to do their best work or causes unnecessary stress and tanks performance by default.

Eliz Greene shares insights on stress and teamwork
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Daniel Himpson
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The future of any organization is based on the quality of the leadership, the strength of the culture, and the speed at which people can execute. Everything rises and falls on accountable leadership

There really is a recipe for creating a positive workplace culture that delivers measurable, sustainable improvements to your bottom line. Eliz uses that recipe to make Accountability your competitive advantage.

Powerful case studies confirm the real-world results of the Accountability Advantage in:

Why Accountability?

When you create an organizational culture that inspires Accountability, you also gain significant increases in everything that makes up the Accountability Wheel.™

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