45-70 Minute Keynote or 1/2 Day Workshop

This keynote can be combined with other programs or a full day seminar.

Perfect for:

  • Sales Meetings
  • Leadership Training Events
  • Association Conferences
  • Closing Keynote
  • Patient Conferences
  • Nursing Conferences
  • Human Resources Events
  • User Conferences

Based on more than 100 interviews with leaders and team members, Eliz shares insights to weather the stress of crisis and change.  

She discovered that highly capable people are often unequipped to deal with the stress of an unsolvable situation. For them, the stress of dealing with vulnerability amplifies the stress of crisis and change.

Ultimately, resilience is a choice. We choose to move forward in the face of failure, crisis, tragedy, pain, or life-altering (and business-altering) events we can’t control. Understanding your reaction to vulnerability is essential to becoming resilient.

“Moving forward is a choice! ”

In this program, Eliz shares 4 essential decisions to:

  • Deal with the curse of capability.
  • Get comfortable with the emotional reaction to vulnerability.
  • Focus on what is possible rather than dwelling on what is difficult.
  • Strengthen your resilience muscle.

Why People Love Eliz

The Border Collie Iguana exercise was an…

Construction and Facilities Management Executive

“I didn’t know what I was feeling was stress, I thought I was just bad at handling things. I needed the data and science to really understand the danger I’ve been…

Logistics Engineer

“This is stress management for people who don’t like WOO…

IT Professional

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