Eliz Greene’s Stress-Proof Solutions are the key to High Performance Under Pressure.

Eliz draws on her experience working with high performers and original research exploring how leaders can propel their own success by creating a team that works through stress rather than being bogged down by it.

Eliz Greene has received volumes of unvarnished truth from employees worldwide as part of her research on job stress.

She’s surveyed nearly 10,000 people and interviewed hundreds of leaders and employees in various industries to discover the truth about job stress, retention, productivity, and recruitment.

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Through her work with Accountability Institute, a leadership and workplace culture think tank, and clients such as NASA, engineering firms, healthcare, HR professionals, and other highly-stress people working in high-pressure environments, Eliz developed targeted employee training programs in five key areas.

Develop leaders who guide teams to success through stress, change, and crisis.

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Most popular topics include:

Coping with Uncertainty

Under stress, our brains depend on instinct rather than rational thought because the part of the brain responsible for critical thinking is busy dealing with the psychological reaction to stress. This reaction not only impedes our ability to get things done, but it can also create a paralyzing loop of anxiety…

Leadership and stress management in crisis and change keynote

Leadership and Stress Management in Crisis and Change

Performing well under the pressure of crisis, change, or chronic high-stress environments is a critical skill for today’s HR professionals, managers, executives, and business owners. We cannot eliminate all stress from the workplace, nor should we try…

Stress-Proof Your Team

The contagious nature of stress is hardwired. High performing teams make success contagious too. Becoming immune to unavoidable stress is a competitive edge that allows Stress-Proof teams to perform under the pressure of change, crisis, and high-stress professions…

Eliz Greene Leadership Keynote Speaker

Stress-Proof Leadership

Reduce stress. Enhance performance and productivity. Stress management is a HARD SKILL essential to success. Stress-Proof Leaders leverage this critical skill to propel their own performance and team performance by…

Stress-Proof Your Heart

We can’t get rid of all stress, and we wouldn’t want to even if we could. Our bodies’ natural reaction to stress is what gives us a boost to get the job done, but too much stress decreases brain function, critical thinking and can cause problems for the heart…

Resilience is a Choice

Based on more than 100 interviews with leaders and team members, Eliz shares insights to weather the stress of crisis and change. Highly capable people are often unequipped to deal with the stress of an unsolvable situation. For them, the stress of dealing with vulnerability amplifies the stress…