Stress management is a HARD SKILL essential to success.

Performing well under the pressure of crisis, change, or chronic high-stress environments is a critical skill for today’s HR professionals, managers, executives, and business owners.   We cannot eliminate all stress from the workplace, nor should we try. Some stress is natural and necessary; it is what gives us the zing of energy to get things done.

So, what transforms stress from a motivator to a performance killer?  

“Stress-Proof leaders weather the storm of crisis and change. ”

45-70 Minute Keynote or 1/2 Day Workshop

This keynote can be combined with other programs or a full day seminar.

Perfect for:

  • Sales Meetings
  • Leadership Training Events
  • Association Conferences
  • Closing Keynote
  • Patient Conferences
  • Nursing Conferences
  • Human Resources Events
  • User Conferences

Wellness expert Eliz Greene delivers surprising insights and innovative, actionable strategies based on her research on job stress in this interactive, fun, and compelling keynote. This presentation is customized through the Stress Proof Testing Tool which diagnoses the unique set of issues causing stress in the participants’ workplaces and benchmark the results with other organizations in the study.  

Through stories from a wide variety of leaders and employees interviewed during her study and her own experience surviving a heart attack while seven-months pregnant with twins, provides a strategies work and live well in times of overwhelm and uncertainty.

She uses humor and engaging activities to show it’s time to:

  • Explore the major causes of stress based on the results of the Stress-Proof Testing Instrument.
  • Examine the impact of overwhelm and uncertainty on performance, culture, and retention.
  • Rewire assumptions about generations and gender to improve teamwork, communication, management, and performance through an engaging exercise.
  • Discover how to manufacture security to combat uncertainty.
  • Utilize a framework to create a team culture strong enough to weather crisis and change.

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