How do you maintain your sanity, performance, relationships, and health in the face of chronic high stress, change, and uncertainty?

Based on her book Stress-Proof Your Life and research on job stress, Eliz Greene shares insights and strategies to create what she calls “an emotional hazmat suit” to limit the physical and emotional impact of stress you can’t avoid.

“Protective gear is important in many work environments, wouldn’t it be nice to have protective gear for stress? ”

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Eliz created this program specifically for those who work in high-pressure occupations where stress is a natural part of the job.  

This engaging and humorous program details how to develop a system to protect your health, performance, sanity, and relationships by:

  • Understanding the physical and psychological impact of chronic stress
  • Creating a sense of security during change, uncertainty, or crisis
  • Changing the focus from problem-solving to achievement 
  • Developing boundaries to protect your health and performance
  • Implementing a framework to work and live well under unrelenting pressure

45 - 70 minute Keynote or 1/2 Day Workshop

Can be combined with other programs or a full-day seminar. Perfect for:

  • Training for Highly Technical Fields
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Customer Service Training
  • Call Center Training
  • Patient Conferences
  • Nursing Conferences
  • Human Resources Events
  • User Conferences

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We can’t wait to work with you! Click to have a representative get in touch. (Or just give us a call!)