Stress-Proof Leadership Summit

Exclusive Implementation Groups

Are you too busy to read a book about stress?

You aren’t alone!

Most of the leaders, managers, and business owners interviewed for Stress-Proof Your Life reported sacrificing their own physical and psychological well-being for the good of the team and organization.

Stress management is s HARD Skill essential to a successful leader.  The Stress-Proof Leadership Summit teaches these skills, illuminates the leadership and workplace culture insights, and provides motivation and support to implement all of it. 

The summit includes

  • A copy of Stress-Proof Your Life
  • 6 educational sessions
  • 6 individual coaching sessions
  • 6 roundtable discussions
  • and more…

Let's Talk

Schedule a Zoom call with Eliz  — Spend 30 minutes.  She’ll share some tips and discuss whether one of the Stress-Proof Leadership Summit Cohorts is a good fit for you!

Eliz carefully curates small cohorts from similar industries and jobs to systematically: 

  • Implement the stress management skills in the book
  • Discuss the impact of stress in the workplace,
  • Improve quality of life
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay