Disruption Magnifies Weaknesses in Corporate Culture

Planned change rarely goes well, according to Tony Chatman, an expert in business relationships and corporate culture. Unplanned crisis and disruption reveal what isn’t working in an organization.

Tony shares insights on what organizations should do now in response to COVID19 and what they will need to be prepared to do in 12 to 18 months. In this episode of The Webinar Talk Show, he shares a question all companies should be asking:

“Who might I lose based on how I’m treating them now?”

Tony advises that organizations have to triage right now and look for opportunities to deepen relationships and find what good might come from the disruption of COVID19.

Listening to employees, understanding that unconscious bias may limit the ability to see the disparity in what support employees may need to do their jobs. “Take care of your people,” says Tony, “chase value not money.”

He also says organizations are going to need an outside voice when we return to work. An outsider can often get through when a familiar voice cannot. Something parents know all too well!

In this candid conversation, Tony, Eliz, and Thom talk about the impact of unconscious bias on COVID19. Tony shares why it is important to have conversations about segregation, migration, and disparity so we can all grow in empathy.

This is an example of how the “talk show” style of these interviews can delve into a potentially controversial topic responsibly.

The Webinar Talk Show brings good news and good ideas in an innovative and engaging style. With six years of experience emceeing virtual and hybrid events, Eliz and Thom have developed a unique style to engage virtual audiences and fight “talking-head fatigue.”  Like The Webinar Talk Show page on Facebook to keep up on all of the episodes.


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