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Eliz and her co-host Thom Singer employ a talk-show style format to fight talking head fatigue as they interview Shawna Suckow, The Buyer Insider who asks, “Are you ready for what’s coming next?

Shawna helps companies evolve as quickly as their customers. The Recession, Coronavirus, social media fatigue, and general uncertainty equals a lot of disruption in how people buy. That means there needs to be equal disruption in how you market, prospect, and sell. What does Shawna say about sales during COVID19?

How can you interpret what’s here, and prepare for what’s next?

Shawna suggests being a human being and thinking about your buyer as a human being! Ending “professionalism” means being more open to each other as people.  We are seeing each other’s homes and families.  Pretending things haven’t changed doesn’t make sense.

Shawna shares examples of how meeting professionals and destinations are going to have to re-think what comes next.

She also has some nice things to say about Eliz & Thom’s virtual emceeing skills!

The Webinar Talk Show brings good news and good ideas in an innovative and engaging style. With six years of experience emceeing virtual and hybrid events, Eliz and Thom have developed a unique style to engage virtual audiences and fight “talking-head fatigue.”  Like The Webinar Talk Show page on Facebook to keep up on all of the episodes.


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