My Webinar Talk Show cohost Thom Singer and I welcome emcee and speaker extraordinaire Brian Walter from Extreme Meetings to share how they are helping their clients create memorable and effective experiences for their participants – even in the virtual environment.

In this episode, find out how to engage virtual attendees, deliver member value, and create an exciting event online.

Key Points:

  • Don’t Cancel Your Event! Your people need you more now than ever.
  • An effective virtual event requires more than pointing a camera at what you had planned for your in-person event.
  • One of the key strategies to engage attendees is to teach them how to participate – and make that learning fun.
  • Yes, virtual events can knock your socks off!
  • A virtual emcee (or two) are key to having active participants rather than passive listeners.
  • Hybrid events and meeting are the future.
  • Virtual events can be even more effective and profitable than in-person events.
  • And so much more.

Thank you, Brian, for demonstrating why your clients turn to you when they want to create a memorable, fun, and successful (by which we mean valuable AND profitable) events whether they are in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

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