What is the key to successful hybrid events?

We asked someone who knows about winning!

Let’s talk about hybrid events! Best-selling author of nearly 50 sports books and award-winning peak performance business speaker Ross Bernstein joined Thom Singer and me on the Webinar Talk Show for a conversation about how to win in the hybrid event world. Ross shares how he is working with meetings industry professionals to deliver member value during COVID19 restrictions. (Also there is a bit of Big Ten Gopher vs Badger smack-talk)

Key Points about Engaging Virtual Events:

  • Don’t Cancel Your Event! High-touch experiences are still possible.
  • Meeting professionals are worried about putting out “bad” events.
  • Hybrid events are Ross’s first choice – be creative.
  • Ross encourages meetings professionals to say, “Let’s do something!”
  • Looking at hybrid events as broadcasts with a live studio audience helps set up the interactions.
  • Speakers had to change to adapt to virtual conferences and hybrid events.
  • Teams must adapt to win. The same is true for the meetings industry.
  • A hybrid event emcee (or two) is an important part of an event team.
  • And so much more.

Thank you, Ross, for sharing your insights!

Links to Ross Bernstein’s services:

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