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Is COVID19 killing sales? Have you noticed that every television commercial looks and sounds the same? Todd Caponi, the author of The Transparency Sale has noticed and he sees opportunity.

Todd explains in this episode of The Webinar Talk Show that it is possible to read your buyer’s mind. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The interview is fast-paced, full of great content, and even reveals that Todd can ride a unicycle!

Why do the first 10 words of your email matter?

People are busy and trying to conduct business from the dining room table. If your first 10 words are “in these uncertain times…” you will sound just like everyone else. Todd’s advice is to think about what your buyer needs right now to extend the runway of what is essential right now or avoid the risk of a worst-case scenario. If your first 10 words offers something to help with either issue, it is likely to be opened and read.

Ultimately, Todd says sales is about building relationships, especially right now. Thinking about the relationships with your team, customers, and prospects — understanding what each of them need — will be the key to success during physical distancing and beyond.

Todd was a fantastic guest – the 20 minute time frame of the interview wasn’t quite long enough to hold all Todd’s insights and Eliz and Thom hope to have him back on the show again!

The Webinar Talk Show brings good news and good ideas in an innovative and engaging style. With six years of experience emceeing virtual and hybrid events, Eliz and Thom have developed a unique style to engage virtual audiences and fight “talking-head fatigue.”  Like The Webinar Talk Show page on Facebook to keep up on all of the episodes.


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