In our daily lives, we often encounter situations where other people’s choices and behaviors can cause us stress. Whether it’s a family member, a close friend, or someone we interact with on social media, dealing with the impact of their decisions can be challenging. Finding ways to remain ‘unruffled’ amidst the chaos is essential. Here are three questions to help you handle the stress triggered by other people’s behaviors.

What If This Is the Best They Can Do?

We all have our own standards and expectations. Still, it’s vital to remember that what we consider ‘the best’ may not align with someone else’s. When we encounter choices that seem off to us, asking, “What if this is the best they can do?” can shift our mindset. Accepting that others are doing what they can based on their abilities and circumstances and understanding that moment can help us let go of frustration and minimize stress.

What If There’s Something I Don’t Know?

Our perspective is limited to our own experiences, and it’s easy to forget that we don’t know everything about someone else’s situation. By asking, “What if there’s something I don’t know?” we open ourselves up to the possibility that unseen factors influence others’ decisions. This recognition can curb our impulse to judge and allow us to approach situations with empathy instead of stress.

What If It’s Really Not About Me?

It’s human nature to interpret others’ actions through the lens of how they affect us personally. However, the question “What if it’s not about me?” can be a powerful tool for stress management. Understanding that other people’s choices may be about their own needs, challenges, or simply a reflection of where they are in life allows us to detach and not take things personally. This can significantly reduce the stress we feel and improve our interactions.

By incorporating these questions into your thought process, you can create a buffer between yourself and the stress-inducing actions of others. It’s about giving others—and ourselves—the grace to be human, the space to grow, and the compassion to understand. So the next time you feel the stress levels rising due to someone else’s behavior, remember these questions and stay unruffled.


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