We all got used to virtual events, what does that mean for the future of meetings?

Attendees want more than just a Zoom meeting.

Should you consider extended reality for your next virtual or hybrid event? What will your attendees require to feel valued? How will you meet the demands of a savvy virtual audience?

Norm Lieder from ATX Event Systems shares how their production company flipped their business to serve the music and meetings industry — and the ways they are elevating what is possible.

Conference Hero

At 17:53 Thom and Eliz surprise Norm and ATX Event Systems with the Conference Talk Show Award! ATX Event Systems is a great example of what we all hoped the events industry could do in the face of the pandemic. They moved fast and understand we were moving into a new world. Building a studio and turning events into television broadcast style experiences to serve the needs of the clients.

Do you know a Conference Hero?

Please nominate anyone who serves the event industry who has gone above and beyond: event professionals, speakers, vendors, hotels, CVBs… it all counts! Submit your nomination at ConferenceHeroAward.com

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