Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I feel this way?” You’re not alone. That persistent sense of unease, that low-grade melancholy accompanied by a vague sense of doom, might be a high baseline stress level. This type of stress doesn’t necessarily come from a single event but rather accumulates over time, often without us noticing.

In our current climate, bombarded by a constant flow of news of wars, terrorist attacks, and mass shootings, it’s all too easy for our baseline stress levels to inch upward. This insidious rise can subtly chip away at our well-being, leaving us feeling jittery and unsettled without a clear understanding of why.

The trouble with baseline stress is that it operates under the radar. It’s the kind of stress that doesn’t knock you over all at once; instead, it builds slowly, quietly compromising your ability to think clearly and creatively. It can show up physically, too, in ways we might not immediately attribute to stress, like disrupted sleep or a nagging headache.

Here are three ways to deal with a high baseline level of stress:

  • Take Notice: It’s crucial to recognize and name the feeling for what it is. I developed the Baseline Stress Level Quiz to be a helpful tool to gauge where you stand. It can tell you if your stress is just a whisper or if it’s shouting for attention.
  • Stop The Reaction: Consider your daily intake of stressors. What are you allowing into your mental space? Is the non-stop news cycle or social media frenzy contributing to your feelings? It might be time to curtail the constant connection and permit yourself to step back.
  • Actively Reduce Your Baseline:  Take proactive steps towards stress reduction. This could be as simple as incorporating a daily walk, staying hydrated, or prioritizing good sleep habits. These actions can lower the physical effects of stress, clearing the way for a healthier mindset.

Understanding baseline stress is the first step in moving past that nagging question, “Why do I feel this way?” With the right tools and techniques, you can feel more like yourself again, pushing through the fog of stress to have a better quality of life and get more important things done. 

Take the Baseline Stress Level Quiz and get access to resources to lower your baseline!”


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