It’s Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Let’s reduce stress by shifting the focus from looking for problems to solve to noticing the good stuff using a simple strategy called, WOO HOO!

Our brains constantly look for trouble – that’s how we survive and succeed. However, focusing on what isn’t going according to plan leaves little room to celebrate what IS successful.

Intentionally shifting the focus to celebrating victories – no matter how small – lifts the spirits and signals your body to let go of some of that stress hormone cortisol.

Whether you post #WooHooWednesday on social media, share your victory in a comment below, or share it with someone in-person, by text, on the phone, or in an email – your Woo Hoo invites others to share their own.

Give it a try – and join me on Facebook or YouTube next Wednesday to Woo Hoo too!

Until then, I wish you low stress and great success.


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