Coping With Uncertainty

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Stress-Proof Your Life

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Stress-Proof Your Life, the new book from Eliz Greene, reveals the secret to reducing your stress so you can work and live well in the face of unavoidable overwhelm and uncertainty. With implementable, sensible solutions, her advice stems from a data-driven approach (including a 4,000-person study) to provide real, effective stress management techniques that actually work.

In the book, exercises lead readers through a process to quantify their stress levels and learn how to offset and recover from the physical and psychological imact of that stress. The leadership insights in the book break down important differences between genders, generations, and environments.

Pick it up today to find out how to manage your stress so you can feel and perform better — and get more of the important things done.

Life is not about Perfection. It's about moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION!
Eliz Greene

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