In this episode, Eliz shares her Woo Hoo Wednesday about a class she and her husband taught at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center on “10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying A Boat.” One of the 10 points in the program is “Safety First and Always” which is a central theme for their way of sailing. It is also a central theme in the Combatting Uncertainty section of Eliz’s book,Stress-Proof Your Life.

Being able to function well in uncertain, unpredictable environments requires creating security so that we can stretch and grow. Eliz shares more on this topic in this article: Combat Uncertainty By Creating Security

Find more tips to manage stress in Eliz’s book Stress-Proof Your Life.

Join Eliz each Wednesday and use the Woo Hoo stress management technique to shift your brain’s focus from looking for problems to solve to celebrating victories (no matter how small). To get notified of upcoming episodes like, follow, or subscribe below:


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