A professional emcee does more than introduce the next speaker

In this episode of the Conference Talk Show we explore the four emcee roles including:

Connector Emcee: A great Connector puts people at ease and draws them into conversation.  The Connector often plays the voice of the audience by picking up what people are chatting about in the hallway and bringing it back. Facilitating connection between audience members (especially between the virtual and in-person audiences) is the main role here.

Driver Emcee: A great Driver is the pivot point for an event – but not the focal point! A Driver pulls the educational and thematic threads through the event.  When done well the Driver’s role highlights the presenters and attendees. The Driver is a regal duck above water and scrambles below to smooth over technical issues, schedule changes, etc.  

Wow Emcee: The Wow creates memorable experiences that support the event theme and get people excited about returning the following year. A great Wow brings something special to the table – an entertainment quality (juggling, magic, singing, game shows, parodies, comedy, etc).  

Producer Emcee: Much of the emcee job happens behind the scenes.  A Coordinator works hand-in-hand with the AV or Production team and the event planner to orchestrate the event.  In the virtual environment the Producer must be active in the chat to keep track of the quality of the attendee experience and keep that communication on track. A great Producer handles the load so the event professional can visit the restroom, eat a sandwich, and maybe get some sleep.

Great emcees can perform well in all areas, but usually have high-level skills or talents in a couple.  

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  1. A professional emcee’s role goes beyond simply introducing speakers; they are the backbone of an event, ensuring seamless connections and smooth flow throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed the Conference Talk Show episode discussing the four emcee roles, particularly the Connector Emcee and Driver Emcee. The Connector’s ability to engage the audience and facilitate connections is truly commendable, while the Driver’s skill in orchestrating the event while highlighting presenters and attendees is impressive. Emcees truly make events memorable and successful! Also your blog is very informational. If you want to know more about Event Planners. Just visit Event Host.

    • I’m glad you found the episode helpful!

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